VCI uses state of the generates future scenarios using a state of the art models.


VCI’s consultants help their clients with their most dynamic strategic problems and build tailored solutions.

Technology, Innovation, Road Mapping

We take a comprehensive approach to Innovation, focused on improving the entire system to achieve benefits greater than that achievable by a lone program.

Digital Intensity

Digital Intensity is a new product offering from VCI. Our team of experts works with your company to radically introduce step-change to the way you use technology.


At VCI our expert team analyzes the latest market developments to keep your finger on the pulse.

We believe in a combination of quick, dynamic response and intellectual rigor. Our Insights take the best of both worlds to provide you with current and considered views.

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We aggregate the most critical recent headlines so you don't have to.

We source our headlines from media heavyweights, The Economist, Mining Weekly, Financial Mail, Harvard Business Review and Time, to ensure your news is timely and informed.

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A library of our State of Play™ Reports and data packs.

This represents the fruits of our labor. Here we store learnings from our projects for your information, largely in the form of reports and data packs.

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With offices in Perth, Munich, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, San Francisco, and a good understanding of Africa, Americas, Asia, and Europe, we are well positioned to help companies thrive in all market conditions

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April 24, 2017

Big Data Management

Paying attention to Big Data, analytics, data management, and IIOT is becoming an ever-increasing challenge and opportunity. Over the past few decades, mining and business processes have increasingly converged such that differentiating capabilities are reduced. New approaches and technologies are now enabling us to identify inefficiencies and optimize processes much better than before. Big data analytics is one aspect of an integrated approach that helps businesses generate more value across the full spectrum of their value streams. Open source technologies can help us achieve enterprise analytic initiatives that optimize operational […]
April 24, 2017

Financial Analysis of Oil and Gas Market – April 2017

With prices leveling off and a continued resurgence in American production, oil has been having a tough few days. Oil stockpiles are at historic highs and price predicting analysts are all over the map. Bubble size represents market cap FIGURE 1: PERFORMANCE OF OIL AND GAS COMPANIES Description: Figure 1 highlights the performance of the oil and gas industry for the month of April 2017 (x-axis) and the performance of the 11 months prior to April 2017. Analysts’ predictions range from a 20% decrease from current levels to about $42 […]
April 24, 2017

Financial Analysis of Gold Market – April 2017

The price of gold has risen ~12 percent year-to-date, and it looks like the upward trend will continue. Sentiment has turned up in the gold market the last few weeks. Data from the top gold consuming country – India – shows there may indeed be cause for optimism among gold buyers. Bubble size represents market cap FIGURE 1: PERFORMANCE OF GOLD MINERS Description: Figure 1 highlights the performance of the gold mining industry for the month of April 2017 (x-axis) and the performance of the 11 months prior to April […]
April 24, 2017

Leadership is a deal maker (…or breaker)

Digital Transformation ~ VCI Partner’s View A recent global survey found that while CEOs generally understand the strategic opportunities and threats of digitizing their business, many have yet to build and communicate a vision for their companies or to develop a strategy to make that vision a reality. Most functional leaders lack the skills and knowledge they need to execute a digital strategy, even if there’s already one in place. But strong digital leadership matters. The VCI State of Play survey found that companies that rate highly in both digital […]