Digital Intensity

We Focus On Digital Intensity As The Key Strategic Play

Digital intensity assesses the use of technology throughout the company. The Mining Journal survey of the top 200 global miners helped with the discovery of the top-three productivity improvement measures. Of the 200 participants, 6.8% said that semi-autonomous and autonomous equipment will pave the way towards improving productivity, with 32% pinning their answer on remote control systems, including vehicle systems with operator assist and/or machine guidance components. A staggering 55% indicated the need for a form of ‘intelligent mining’ with OT-IT integration.

The Business Case Is Based On Operating Model Dimensions

We use a socio-technical approach to define the operating model

Culture is the result of a well balanced design leading to high speed quality decisions.

We Assess Five Technology Categories

Real Time Data

By employing the Internet of Things and smart connected devices across all operational levels, you'll become a digital mine with real time, accurate and complete data to drive execution excellence.

Continuous Automated Operations

Machines do the work and people bring the optimization and integration to all levels of the operational systems working within the company.

End-to-End Integration

End-to-end operations integration will drive the overall operations integration and optimization to ensure that all systems are running smoothly.

Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics will help you to understand complex interaction for improved speed and enable quality decision making

Value Chain Collaboration

Collaboration along the value chain will drive operations agility and ensure a fast turnaround time within all operational levels within the company.

Digital Intensity Unveils The Opportunities For Improved Production

Improved production equals improved bottom line. What are you waiting for?