Innovation Overview

VCI’s Innovation Practice helps global organizations to achieve a step-change improvement throughout the organization, blending technology development, business model design and corporate strategy to deliver implementable improvements and business results. We take a comprehensive approach to Innovation, focused on improving the entire system to achieve benefits greater than a single program alone can.

We have over two decades of experience in analyzing client needs using both inductive “bottom-up” and deductive “top-down” analyses and in applying the right people, including external participants where beneficial, to design roadmaps for the future.

VCI places equal emphasis on all three aspects of Innovation: Need Identification, Idea Development and Implementation and blends them with comprehensive Change Management and Communications programs to create clear Technology Roadmaps and Innovation Architectures for all efforts within the organization.

For problems too large or complex to solved by a single company, VCI has experience in bringing companies together to form “Open Innovation Consortia”. With experience doing so over three continents and with over a hundred participating organizations, VCI serves as a bridge between global organizations looking to innovate in an open, collaborative fashion while balancing the challenges of IP, funding, and large scale corporate change issues.